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1993 — 29th Chicago Film Festival


Above Average

Aileen Wuornos: the Selling of a Serial Killer

Alice in Wondertown

Alien Corn

Autumn Moon

Bank Robber


Begin and Cease

Bhaji On the Beach

Bird of Happiness

Blue Kite, The

Bolero Lady





Case of Maria Soledad, The

Child Murders

Clean Up, The

Clean, Shaven

Colorado Cowboy: The Bruce Ford Story

Conjugal Bed, The

Dark Dark Night, A

Darkness in Tallin

Darra Dogs, The

Day of Despair, The

Death Train, The

Debt, The

Ditvoorst Domaines, The

Dober Man


Don't Call Me Frankie

Donuts, People and Their Dreams

Door, The

Escorts, The

Excursion to the Bridge of Friendship

Farewell My Concubine


Fire Babies

Five-Minute Film, A


Francois Truffaut, Stolen Portraits

From the East

Gito, The Ungrateful

Good Looks

Good Wife of Tokyo, The

Gorilla Bathes at Noon

Helas Pour Moi

Hoping for Better Times

Hospital Dream

I Think I Was an Alcoholic

I Was a Teenage Serial Killer

I'm Going to Escape

In the Name of Christ

In Uncle Robert's Footsteps

Inge, April and May

Inheritance, The

Journey of the Lion, The

Journey, The

Just Desserts

Just Friends

Killing Grandpa

Lara: My Years with Boris Pasternak


Little Black Panther

Little Blond Death

Little Wolf

Lola Posse


Lotus Eaters, The

Ludwig 1881

Mado (1976)

Making Up

Man By the Shore, The

Manhattan by Numbers

Middle of Nowhere

Midnight Edition


Morocco Body and Soul Music


Nice People

Nostradamus Kid, The

Nouvelle Vague

November Men, The

One Nation Under God

Opportunity Knocks

Our Twisted Hero

Palace Caf?

Park Tragedy

Passion of Rita Camilleri, The

Piano, The

Pool Days

Priest Had a Dog, A

Pros and Cons of Breathing, The

Punk, The

Puzzle of a Downfall Child (1970)

P[l]ain Truth

Rebels of the Neon God

Red Squirrel, The

Remote Control


Reunion (1989)


Russian Pizza Blues


Save My Lost Nigga' Soul

Scarecrow (1973)


Seven Songs for Malcolm X

Seventh Horse From the Sun

Sex is

Sex of the Stars


Shooting to Stardom

Short Cuts

Simple Story, A (1978)

Six Hours from Cleveland

Smart Alek

Snapper, The

Soft Top Hard Shoulder

Something within Me


Split; William to Chrysis--Portrait of a Drag Queen

Spring Ball

Strange Case of Balthazar Hyppolite

Swing Your Partner

Tales and Tallies of the Courtyard

Tenants of the Humboldt Street, The

Terra Nullius

Thieves Quartet

Three Colors: Blue

Toe Heel Polka, The

Travolta and Me

Treasure Island -

Trial, The


Under One Roof

Unexpected Encounter

Until the Cure, I Offer the Care

Variation in the Key 2 Life, A

Video Blues

Village, The

Vincent, Francois, Paul and the Others (1974)

Waiters, The

Walking the Line

Wall of Silence, A

What About Me

When I Close My Eyes

White Marriage

Wild East, The

Winding Sheet, The

Woman of the Night

Women from the Lake of Scented Soulds, The

Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl

Wrong Trousers, The


Young Girls Turn 25, The

Young Werther

Younger and Younger